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Castle VBS

Barb Brown from Faith United Methodist Church in Bellefonte, PA brings us this themed VBS set.

The castle pieces were made out of 2″ thick 4’x8′ foam sheets and painted with a light/dark technique to make the stones look dimensional. They already had the sheets from a previous project. The turrets were made out of flat cardboard and shaded with watered-down black paint on the sides to give the illusion of being round. One lesson they learned was that cardboard that is not painted on both sides will tend to curl towards the painted side. So, from the side view, the turrets were a bit bowed.

The other lesson they learned was that kids love things that move. On this set, the drawbridge actually lowered (with sound effects) and revealed a new animal character each night. The drawbridge was made out of the foam sheets and indented and faux painted to look like wood. Then they attached the whole piece to a heavy altar table for stability and hid someone behind it to slowly release the rope that held it up. The stone wall was plastic sheeting that was purchased to give a different stone look to the railings. The red throne chair was made out of paint, gemstones, fabric, rolled up towels for the arms, and was used for a photo op for the kids and parents.




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