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Throwback: Chandeliers and Dropped Fabric

The design team from The Crossing in Columbia, MO brings us this Easter ruche and chandeliers design. (Originally posted June 2013)



This two-part design piggy-backed off of their Lent design using wood pallets. It was inspired by Joel Wyant’s “Cascade” design from Southeast Christian Church and Church on The Move’s Christmas 2010 production using chandeliers.

It was done using 9 bolts of white broadcloth pinned lengthwise and ruched with safety pins onto a 25’x50′ Stealthnet manufactured by Bird Barrier.



The chandeliers were discounted from Menard’s and purchased rather than rented for the sake of cost.

Total project material costs: ~$2,000 (included: 15 chandeliers [2 sizes], hardware and cabling for electric, fabric, and netting)



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4 responses to “Throwback: Chandeliers and Dropped Fabric”

  1. Josh Reeves says:

    Wow. This is incredible.
    Great work.

  2. chinedu says:

    this is wow, its so so great

  3. Rick Butor says:

    Hey! Love this design! Just curious – did you have to purchase extra power cable and chain linking to suspend the chandeliers? What was the process for that?

    • Jake Wandel says:

      Rick, I did have to make my own extension cables and I did have to buy extra chain. You can get the materials to do both at your local hardware store. I couldn’t find the exact color of chain so I bought the darkest color I could of the same look. When they were hung up, you couldn’t tell.

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