Stage Designs

Checkered Dots

Gary Brownell along with Faith Church in St. Louis, Missouri brings us this cool patterned design.

Gary was tasked to design a stage for 3 permanent campuses and one portable campus. The time from the concept/design to the start of the new series was very limited. With that in mind, he needed to use the existing frame structure that was currently on stage but have a completely different look. In his designs, he likes the stage pieces to look like something actually used currently in concerts, award shows, or talent competition shows. The look he went with was the Chauvet Nexus look that is very popular now.

They used black Coroplast, then cut small holes for the Nexus look and a larger hole for the incandescent light look. They covered the smaller holes with Lee 216 diffusion gel ($125 per roll) and lit from the rear, from the ground up, using existing LED light bars. They put 10″ work lights ($12 Lowes) in the larger holes and connected them to existing dimmers. They used 60-watt clear silver bowl bulbs ($2.84 for an authentic look. Then they velcroed the Coroplast to the frame.

Then Gary made 16ft verticle LED tubes. These 8ft tube pieces were clear fluorescent tube covers ($4.50 Home Depot) with Lee 216 diffusion gel inside lit by 5050-300 RGB LED tape (Amazon $11.36) inside. They were connected to a DMX controller ($249 and two 12-volt 30amp power supplies. ($25 Amazon).

The vibrant LED color looked great on TV. And people ask how the church can afford such “expensive” lights. $12 work lights, $11 LED tape, and hole cutouts for the existing LED bars.











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