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Louis Tagliaboschi from Broadway United Methodist Church in Bowling Green, KY brings us this checkered delight.

The set (designed for their contemporary service) is made from plain cardboard boxes glued together and lit with inexpensive LED’s. They stacked 200 boxes 24 feet up with an industrial glue gun.

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10 responses to “Checkers”

  1. Beth says:

    Where did you get the boxes? How much were they and what did you do with them when you were done?

    • Louis Tagliaboschi says:


      We got the boxes from a cardboard company here in Bowling Green, Ky. We got them from the end of a run that they were already doing, so they gave them to us for $1.00 each. We had to change the dimensions a little to use the boxes but it was worth the savings. They came flat, so we had to put them together. When we get done, they will go right back to the factory and they will recycle them back into new boxes.



  2. Fabbo says:

    I was thinking… hmm this is a cool stage then I noticed who did it… nice job Louis, maybe I should Tweet about it…just did

  3. gdawg says:

    where did you put the lights? and how many did you have to use?

    • Louis Tagliaboschi says:


      They are all on the floor, angled up an toward off stage to keep them off the screen. We used 3 LED panels on each side, and 2 bars to cover the middle section. For relatively inexpensive panels, the American DJ throw a lot of light.

  4. shahrear kabir says:

    its an awesome stage design…but where do the LED’s go..are they fixed behind the boxes or the light is fixed in front of the boxes and are focused on them from the top and bottom. the part where there are empty spaces between the checkers…will they be stable …..

  5. Tracey says:

    Very cool. What are the dimensions of the boxes and were they white?

    • Looks like the boxes are about 2 feet tall…probably a bit wider. Based on the temperature of the light it looks like the boxes were white too…they probably bought them that way.

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