Christmas Designs

Christmas Barn

Tim Sherwood from Prairie Lakes Church in Cedar Falls, Iowa brings us this country Christmas feel.

The main structure was a simple wall frame with rustic paneling attached. Tim dry brushed on some red paint and made the door runner look rusty. At the end of the day, the main structure came in at $700. To continue on with the country feel they added some split rail fencing complete with pine garlands and Deitz lanterns. Along with various other props to complete the look, the overall cost for the main stage came in right around $1500.

They continued the look and feel in the lobby with some bran wood trees with C9 bulbs attached to give it that classic retro feel. They also had two landings that they decorated with the same look and feel.

Christmas Set 2014-2

Christmas Set 2014-3

Christmas Set 2014-4

Christmas Set 2014-5

Christmas Set 2014-6

Christmas Set 2014-10

Christmas Set 2014-11

Christmas Set 2014-12

Christmas Set 2014

Dropped Glass Lights String Typography

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  1. Nice how the theme is incorporated into the sanctuary and lobby. Great job!

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