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Christmas, Blown Up

Christy Martinez from New Vintage Church in Santa Rosa, CA brings us this starburst stage design.

They achieved this by using different sizes of cut Coroplast. The sheets were painted in three shades, black, beige and white. Then they used a staple gun to place the pieces in a starburst formation around the stage. Lighting was placed using par can lights and Chauvet Color Palettes.

When Christmas season arrived they added custom built Christmas trees using three panels of triangles filling them with lattice (cut to fit). Then they lined the interior of the trees with tracing paper for indoor trees and 3mil plastic for outdoor trees. The trees were lit with color palettes under the trees. The trees used outside were great for drive-by traffic.








Wood on Red Toppled Stage Design

5 responses to “Christmas, Blown Up”

  1. Brandon Cook says:

    Great use of space and color shading. I also love that you tied the design together inside and outside! Good job guys!

  2. chris says:

    Is all this suspended off the trussing? Stunning design.

  3. Rachael Kelley says:

    Hello. How does this design hang? How is it suspended?

  4. Tabbetha says:

    Would like to know the same thing. How is the design suspended?

  5. James says:

    We just pulled something similar to this off for our Christmas and it was an amazing set. We don’t have a coroplast dealer within 5 hours of us. So we used cheap plywood and painted the cut pieces. We handled the tree’s a bit different too. But this set is totally worth the work. We didn’t suspend our pieces, we have a backwall and then used spacer pieces of wood for it.

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