Christmas Designs

Christmas Branches

Bob Mouritsen from South Mountain Community Church Lehi in Lehi, Utah brings us this winter design.

1. They found some fallen tree limbs and cut them between 8-12 ft.
2. They spray painted them white to reflect light.
3. They zip-tied them to a truss laying down on the stage and two light stands on the sides of the stage.
4. They positioned lights underneath each branch to light the tree.

This has allowed them to create a great winter theme stage that will work for them throughout the winter.

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2 responses to “Christmas Branches”

  1. Ted Desiral says:

    hi ! im attempting to create a stage set up for my church. where do you get your stuff shipped from ! whos the supplier ?

    • Bob says:

      Hi Ted, A majority of our supplies are either from local big box places like Home Depot or Lowes, and I use Amazon for a lot of the lighting components.

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