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Christmas Centerpiece

Adrian Darsee from Lake Sawyer Church in Black Diamond, Washington brings us this this cool Christmas centerpiece for their stage.

They used a 15-foot fake (pre-lit) Christmas Tree (bought for $1700). Then they used large red and green ornaments from Amazon as well as snowflake ornaments. For the star, they used a paper star from Amazon ($20), which they hung from the grid/trusses so they didn’t have it fall off the tree or have to worry about it being crooked.

For the gigantic hanging ornament around the tree, they used children’s red and green bouncy balls ($10 each). They came with pumps. They bought more than they needed, which is suggested since a few came deflated. They spray painted the handles gold to better resemble ornaments. Then they hung the “ornaments” from the grid/trusses with thin black rope.

They used empty boxes for presents w/ gold, green, and red wrapping paper for presents. They used some heavier wrapping paper so it didn’t rip easily. (Would recommend using packing tape; scotch tape doesn’t hold well.)

Their budget was $2000 for the entire set.

It took them a couple days to do the design. The tree took time, especially the fluffing of the branches. Tjhey only wrapped the front of the boxes (presents), especially since they were using bigger boxes and stuffed the plain parts under the tree. They started with the bouncy ball ornaments then put the tree up, which saved them some trouble with hanging them around the tree. They took a couple of their mover lights and set them facing up toward the tree to light it as well as took their hanging lights and focused most of them toward the stage design.

Paper Trails Intricate Boxes

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