Christmas Designs

Christmas Collage

Mike Campbell from Esoteric Visions for Community Life Church in Forney, TX brings us this Christmas collage stage design.

First off, they added Christmas trees to their stage design which were on dimmer packs so they could dim and chase. Then they added a series of stands of larger Christmas lights that were also on separate dimmers.

Next they created a 1×4 grid, painted black, with pieces of shimmery, soft silk tacked to each square of the grid. They did each one individually so they looked random. Then they lit them from below with LED lights.

Finally they added some Christmassy elements on the stage to complete the collage.

They used WDMs 252LED Wash unit (12 of them) to light the sections of fabric draped over a frame. They wanted a more haphazard look than the Saddleback design they took inspiration from.

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