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Chelsea Voorhees from Little Country Church in Redding, California brings us this Christmas lobby design.

From Chelsea: For Christmas last year we decided to enhance what our lobby already encompasses, which is a Magnolia/Natural/Industrial design. Our lobby is a little tricky in design, because it has a lot of awkward cutouts, so we took each of those as “scenes” when designing for Christmas that tied into an overall Natural & Neutral look. We took into account our congregation’s style of a classic feel, but gave it a modern twist. The overall feel of the lobby was magical!

We put together and inspiration board to give our team an idea of the direction we were going with set up and design. We wanted to stick with all earth tone and natural colors: greens, browns & golds.

When you first walk into our church you’ll be standing in an airlock that has two pretty big walls. Both wall spaces are 20 feet wide by 10 feet tall and having nothing on them all year round. Just plain white. So for Christmas we wanted to really fill this space, since it’d be the first thing people saw as they walked in. We decided to do two big Gallery Walls on each wall. We filled each wall with various sized picture frames (purchased at the Dollar Store and Walmart) and gathered all photos from We also used prints that were designed in house by myself. The music scrolls were our BIG statement piece that took up the majority of the wall. They’re from Zo & Jordan Etsy Shop and are sized at 36″ at $58 a piece.

As you continue to walk into the actual lobby, you’ll see various green Christmas trees mixed in with Wooden Christmas trees that were handbuilt by my dad. We built 7 trees total: (4) 6 ft. trees and (3) 4ft. trees. It cost us around $400 for all the supplies. These trees were adopted from….all the directions (with pics) and supply list can be found here.
We accented the trees at the bottom with brown paper bags and white tissue paper purchased from the Dollar Store.

Our Information Counter we kept pretty simple, because we get a lot of traffic there and things change on the counter on a daily basis. So we decided to just hang garland over the TV’s. This garland was FRESH cedar garland from Costco. We purchased (5) 25ft. pieces….we used 3 here and the other 2 strands in other areas. This garland smelled AMAZING, which was one reason we went with fresh garland opposed to faux, because it kept our lobby smelling all things Christmas:) It also lasted for a total of 6 WEEKS! We made sure to water it everyday.

Another part of the lobby included a Living Room scene. Everything we included in this scene was already items we either had in our Warehouse or borrowed from a church member. The only thing we built here was the faux fireplace. The directions and supply list can be found here.

Lastly, we made a Christmas Countdown Calendar that also served as a Photo Booth backdrop. The idea was adopted from @idreamofhomemaking on Instagram. We just got a piece of plywood from Home Depot and covered it with chalkboard paint. We bought the small wreath from Hobby Lobby and we tried magnets (our chalkboard paint was magnetic) to secure the wreath to the board so it could be moved each day, but it didn’t work for us. So we just used a tiny nail and each day we’d take the nail and wreath out and move it from day-to-day. The gold and white paper stars were purchased from World Market and are battery operated which created a really dreamy scene when they were lit!

All in all the entire lobby decor cost around $1,500 and really created a magical scene for the holidays! We even were able to transport everything over to our Christmas venue for our actual Christmas Eve services, which saved us time and money when setting up for services.

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