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Christmas on the Lake

Wes Amick from Cross Timbers Community Church in Texas brings us this blustery winter scene.

Cross Timbers has a very small budget for all set designs and since they are a multi-site church, the small budget must be divided up between 3 campuses. For the winter trees, they drove up and down the highway looking for branches that highway crews were trimming back. They took them back to the church, pruned them and spray painted them white. Their backdrops were ordered from Echo D Graphics – a very affordable backdrop company located in NY.

Big Stage on a Small Stage Baby Blocks

15 responses to “Christmas on the Lake”

  1. Chris Brouns says:

    WOW!! That’s inspiring! I really am impressed by how easily the effect is achieved.
    Lighting is simple but striking and the backdrop just sucks you in. Love it!!

  2. John Talley says:

    so copying this for our winter decor. away with the 20 yr old green swag and wreaths, in with the blue and white…. ooooh, maybe amber lights on music stands to get that snowy night by the fire look ! pics to come

  3. Tim Wiesemann says:

    Love the design! You mentioned that you got the backdrop from Echo D Graphics. When I visited their website, I notice that they have many choices for fabrics for it to be printed on, edge finishes, grommets, etc.

    Could you please tell me what you used as well as any lessons that you may have learned or anything that you would have done differently?

  4. wes amick says:

    Yeah Tim, we went with the ‘Vinyl Banner’ because at the time it was the most affordable way of printing such a large backdrop. The ONLY thing that I wasnt crazy about when I opened up the package, was that the drop was a reflective kind of plastic material…..much like a heavy tarp. It came out wrinkled, so we got some hair dryers and put some heat on the drop and the wrinkles started to come out. Also, make sure you get gromits on all 4 sides so that you can really stretch the backdrop out and remove all wrinkles.
    As far as the “reflectiveness” of the drop, just dont hit it with direct lights and you will be fine. Hit it from the floor or ceiling and the “hotspots” or reflection will not be bad.

  5. Theresa Stevens NorthStar Church says:

    Your church did a fantastic job w/ your stage. We are a brand new church plant, and I have been looking for something that would really be awesome for this Christmas. Really appreciate all the information that you’ve supplied to help others. Wanted you guys to know we found a really cool backdrop similar to yours on e-bay for $79.99. Just wanted to throw that out there to people who maybe like me have been banging their heads searching the web for hours for affordable backdrops to buy. Your church is very impressive. I would definitely come check you guys out if I were in Texas. Blessings to you!

  6. wes amick says:

    This back drop was 35′ wide by 22′ high.

  7. Jeffery Peck says:

    Any chance you could share your backdrop image file?


  8. Brian Rose says:

    is there any way you could shoot us the image file?

  9. Wes amick says:

    Hello everyone. Unfortunately the designer that processed the file for me is no longer on staff with us, and we no longer can locate that file image.
    You can go to google and search Winter Central Park and you should be able to find what I used.

  10. Paul Taylor says:

    Hi everyone, we actually purchased and used a similiar pic file/canvas look and got the idea from Wes, we just did it a little bit differently. In fact, the canvas that we purchased, we’re not using this year. I’d be willing to sell the canvas and the rights to the pic file to anyone who is interested. I want to say the dimensions of our canvas were 38′ wide by 18′ tall…that’s a pretty good guess. You can view the picture here:

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