Christmas Designs

Christmas Triangles

Jeff Ekstrand from Willow Creek North Shore in Northfield, Illinois brings us this sweet bit of Christmas cheer in May.

For Christmas 2010, they used triangles made from spandex stretch-shapes (purchased from¬†Rose Brand). They flew the shapes with black tie-line to resemble Christmas Trees. Christmas trees without the hassle of branches! The center “screen” is an additional spandex stretch-shape from Rose Brand. All content was custom masked to fit the shape.

The panels were clear coroplast from Laird Plastics, with decals from Etsy. They flew those using 1/16″ wire rope with gliders from griplock systems. The prep of the decals took a long time, but rigging and leveling the pieces was easy. Lighting was done with 6 Chauvet Colorado 1 Tour, 7 Robe LEDWash 136, and a variety of other intelligent fixtures in the rig at any given time.

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