Christmas Designs

Christmas Village

Kay Shell from Orchardville Church in Xenia, IL brings us this Christmas village.

They wanted to create a warm, old-fashioned, “homey” feel for their Christmas stage design. The “log cabin” was framed with simple 1″x1″‘s and the “siding” was large sheets of cardboard painted with some dark beige paint they had in storage and white “chinking”. The trees were cut from the woods behind their church, along with the “split rail fence”. The snow was just white tablecloths and/or leftover white gossamer ordered from a Stumps Prom online website. Many families used the stage design as a backdrop for family photos during the holiday season.





Band in a Box Rooted

2 responses to “Christmas Village”

  1. Melvia Conard says:

    Kay Shell is our Pastors wife but she is much more than that. She does so much for our church and all who attend. She comes up with all these amazing, affordable decorating ideas just like these pictures of our Christmas stage platform last year. It did feel Homey but then our church always feels Homey. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with this year. I know it will be awesome. Anyone who needs help with great affordable decorating ideas needs to contact her. Thank you Kay for all you do at our church and all of us. We love you.

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