Christmas Designs

Christmas Walls

Ronnie Martin from Substance Church in Ashland, Ohio brings us this Nordic-inspired Christmas stage.

Against the four pallet walls, they constructed four tree silhouettes out of heavy duty foam core. The white flag bunting was sewn from muslin and thick twine. The bunting, combined with the lights, created a feeling of a snowy, starlit sky.

The sermon series through Advent was called “Hope”, and that is highlighted by the marquee lettering.


LED Hexagons Stripe Panels

5 responses to “Christmas Walls”

  1. Jenn says:

    How did you cut out the Styrofoam trees so perfectly? Did you use a machine? If so what kind of machine?

  2. Angela Cannon says:

    Any chance you can share your pattern for the trees please?

  3. Kit says:

    Looks like a stage set – how does this enhance the liturgy?

    • Lauren S. says:

      Respectfully Kit, I believe that the God of the Bible is shown in Scripture and in nature as the Creator of beauty and art. Anytime people, created in His image, create beauty or art, we are reflecting his glory. I think this backdrop set is a great way to draw people in to behold the greatest beauty of all, God’s amazing love for us, demonstrated through His birth, death and resurrection to reconcile us to Himself. It’s beautiful when people use their gifts (like building this set design) to bring glory to God. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

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