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Circles and Boxes

David Little from Elevate Church in Morton, Illinois brings us this great combination of circles and squares.

This was for their building campaign based on Nehemiah – hence the look on the front of the stage.

The vertical screens on the side were 2×4 frames with rear projection fabric from Rosebrand. The projectors were Epson ex70’s, turned on their side, and run from a separate computer.

They hung some paper lanterns from Ikea to add to the look.

The LED’s on the sides were stage ape lights from They cost about $60 each.

Wood Screens 23

3 responses to “Circles and Boxes”

  1. Stephen says:

    Are these projectors made to vent when turned sideways? I’m thinking you could be shortening the life of your projector if not…

    • David Little says:

      This stage is long gone, it was up for a few months. The projectors were adequately cooled during the period they were setup, and are now used elsewhere.

      • James McIver says:

        Hi David,
        This is my first time on this site. We are currently in a building project and love this design. Is this something you just did for this church or is this your profession? Please contact me at

        Pastor James McIver

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