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Ryan from Celebrate Community Church in Sioux Falls, SD brings us this design that looks like circuitry.

They needed a stage solution that would launch a series (‘The Voice’, playing off the TV show), but would also be flexible enough to stand on it’s own for a few subsequent months/ Several concepts later, they landed on a hodge-podge of primarily lighting-based elements. Loosely modeled after components from the TV show, this allowed for a series changeout, only requiring color/lighting changes.

Mostly inspired by other CSDI designs, the element breakdown was:

• Center wall: 1″x12″ framed ‘box’, faced with clear Coroplast with an abstract/angular design printed on it. Lit from the inside with five HotStiks. Four LED TVs mounted on the face, fed from a Mac Mini through a Gefen video wall processor. The TV’s were mounted to custom backplates, which were U-clamped to 1″ steel tubes on the inside of the wall. Backplate sits on the inside of the Coroplast face, bolted to the TV on the outside to give them a ‘floating’ appearance, with no visible mounts.

• Ball Walls: 3″ styrofoam half-balls mounted on black plywood, downlit with HotStiks.

• Flash Towers: Seven 10″ work lamps, encased in a black plywood cabinet, fed through the lighting console, used primarily as crowd blinders.

• LED Strips: Hand-wired by a volunteer, LED tape, attached to 1″ aluminum strips, painted black. These were built in set lengths, so they can be reused in the future. Strips can be daisy-chained together in different configurations, and are DMX controlled through a custom built processor, thanks to the wizard volunteer.

This set mainly utilized components from past sets, so budget is tough to pinpoint.









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4 responses to “Circuits”

  1. Love it! Great job. Using the LED strips to “connect” all of the elements was a great idea.

  2. Gary Brownell says:

    A great look using different elements.

  3. Alison Perkins says:

    Radical!!! I especially like those LED strips. I want to see them made point by point. Is there a YouTube video? Radical!

  4. Justin Parrish says:

    what size TV’s are those? What did you use to run them? HDMI Matrix splitter?

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