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Clustered Balloons

Chelsea Bernstein from New Hope Seattle Foursquare in Shoreline, WA brings us this design inspired by a wedding.

From Chelsea: Balloons are a cost affective way to make a big impact. Not just for birthday party’s or made to look cheesy anymore!
With a bunch of help we made this happen the night before Easter as a fun surprise for our church. We threw in palm leaves and kept it white to make it look clean and classy.

Total cost for all the balloons, set up materials, foliage etc. was $100. That was for the stage, photo booth, kids wing and entry way.

We made the garland with balloon tape and hung it with fishing line. The foliage is from Amazon, I did hot glue wire on every leaf to make them more malleable. Adults and kids loved it.

It was easy tear down the week after. Adults pulled it down, we grabbed a bunch of kids and let them have a balloon popping party. They had a blast.

Inside Outside Projection Throwback: Multi-Purpose Squares

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