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Devin Wright from The Venues in Springfield, MO brings us this balloon stage design.

They wanted a fun but modern stage design for their series, “Church is a Party!” They had hardly any budget and only one week to make it happen. They had connections with a professional balloon designer who had done balloon animals at a church event. She also designs large balloon decor, so Devin told her they wanted a wall of balloons with alternating sizes.

They had a few volunteers help air up the balloons with machines. She provided all of the supplies. Most balloon artists could provide this service at an affordable cost. Total time was 4 hours. They hung the balloon wall with fishing line from all four corners. They chose white to reflect the light from the LED light bars. They had 2 light bars on either side of the balloon wall, and one light bar at the bottom, behind the balloon wall, pointing up to light the center of the balloons.

The balloons are filled with air, as helium is way too expensive for them. The balloon artist said air actually keeps the balloons filled longer than helium as long as they are inside, away from light, and in the air conditioning. The balloon artist estimated a month or longer until they ran out of air. As of week 2 they’re holding up.

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  1. Cindy Berger says:

    Beautiful! How long did they balloons end up lasting? Can you give a more detailed description of how the balloons were positioned when they were attached? Thank you for any details you can provide.

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