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Colorful Christmas

Vince Farrell from Christ Community Church in Hopkinsville, KY brings us this great use of different wood colors.

This design came from several ideas on CSDI.

First, the wood background was made completely out of “pallet wood”. It cost $75 for about 500 planks. They were stained various colors to add some texture.

Second, the cross was constructed using PVC pipe and fitting. They left out side struts which saved them some money. The cross cost just under $100. It measured 15 feet tall.

Lastly, the white trees were painted and wrapped in lights to tie in the total look.

The total cost for this stage was under $250.





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3 responses to “Colorful Christmas”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Awesome stage design!

    How did you manage to mount it to the wall and also keep the boards connected? I don’t see any nails and would also love to implement this! Maybe some more about how the actual paneling was put up would be very helpful!

    • Vince says:

      Thanks Jonathan.

      Take a look at our stage design two years ago. here is the link, look close at the spacing between the squares. We used 1x4s spaced every 36 inches on the wall to hold that pattern. (the squares were 32″ and we spaced 4″ between)
      In this build, keeping the existing wood, we used 1″ brads (like Geoff mentioned) to tack onto. The pallet wood measured 45″ inches long, so we were catching them on every time. Now keep in mind sometimes it was in the middle of the wood and sometimes on the end. But because pallet wood is lite, even catching on the end would still be enough to hold.
      On the sections that go vertically, again we put 1x4s horizontally every 32 inches to catch the wood. Hope that makes since.
      I’ve seen where others have built a foe wall, that’s added cost. Because we already put the 1×4 on our wall, it worked out great.

      I also don’t recommend putting direction on wall. It would make it hard to take off, and leave a lot of holes.


  2. Geoff McLarty says:


    I don’t want to speak for Vince and his team, but we just completed a similar project. There are several ways to accomplish something like this.

    1). They could have attached the pallet wood to an already existing wall. If so, either wood glue, finishing nails (brad nail gun) or a combination of both could have been used to attach the pallet wood to the wall. Using a brad nailer means you’ll never really see the nails because they are so small.

    2) They could have build a stand alone wall. In this case, you would use sheets of MDF or plywood as backing and attach the pallet wood using wood glue, finishing nails or a combination of both.

    If you are interested in getting some advice or help, you can email me at and I gave give you some pics and instructions on how to build something similar.

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