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Colorful Enough?

Craig Smith from Heritage Evangelical Free Church in Castle Rock, Colorado brings us this brightly colored set for their VBS summer program.

They borrowed and already owned most of the spandex and lighting equipment, so this was a very inexpensive set for them. (Lighting borrowed from Shepherd Project Ministries) They stretched the spandex they had between trusses and floor weights. That allowed them to get those cool shapes. To make the truss sleeves, the had a seamstress from their church sew them together (costing about $10/sleeve).

They purchased bulk spandex from Ebay (always a good idea to have spandex lying around).

Finally, the lights were 3w LED systems that Shepherd Project set up for them and ran with their conference control rig.

Portable Grunge Glow for Me

One response to “Colorful Enough?”

  1. thien says:

    what technique did you use to stabilise or stretch the corner of the fabric? Will the fabric ripped? thanks

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