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Conflict Kitchen

Sean and Corinne Noble from Genesis Church in McKinney, TX brings us this kitchen theme.

They went with a cooking show/grocery store approach to the theme of their series idea.

You can’t see them very well in the picture, but there are various kitchen utensils hanging from the front trussing and from 12 hooks on the ceiling around the room. They simply ran to the Dollar Tree and picked up a smattering of large and colorful utensils, strainers, measuring cups, and pretty much anything that had a hole for them to string through. They tied some fishing line (extremely cheap at Walmart) to the end of the utensil and tied the utensil to the trussing or hook.

For their side banners, they decided to make it feel like they were in a grocery store aisle. They also hung more kitchen utensils and some aprons they ordered on Amazon from the banners to add to the theme feel.

On the left side of the stage, they wanted to create a giant pantry. They used a shelf from the office (bought from Walmart or Home Depot) and asked people in the church to let them borrow non-perishable food items and kitchen appliances for the set. They added a couple of aprons to the side trussing, and a state of Texas cutting board to add a little Texas flair!

On the right side of the stage, you will see a chalkboard sign one of their leaders painstakingly drew for the set. They used a chalkboard sign they already had on hand from Walmart, and some chalk markers from Hobby Lobby to recreate the logo from the curriculum. They hung some more aprons and utensils from the keyboard and scattered some chef hats (from Amazon) around the stage piece.

For their centerpiece on the stage, they used a kitchen cart. You can probably find someone in your church who would be willing to loan you something similar, or check garage sales and craigslist. The giant spoon and fork on the front of the kitchen cart were from Target. These were definitely their biggest purchases for the set at $24.99 each. The tiny shopping carts you see all around the stage were a great find from Kroger for $5.99 each. The carts were originally purple and green and filled with fake food. They didn’t like the color of them because it clashed with the rest of the set, so they bought cans of red, silver, and black spray paint from Walmart and re-painted them to match the colors in the set.

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