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Connect Board

Nic Hervey from First Baptist Mt Juliet in Mt. Juliet, TN brings us this connect board design.

They had three felt boards that they called , “The Connect Board.” It was supposed to be the spot on campus to find all the information for events. However, there was no name around the boards to indicate this. Thus when they referenced them no one knew where to go.

Secondly, they needed a fourth board to house all the information. Nic started pricing it out for getting letters and what it would cost for a new board versus just to building something new. The cost of the one new board was going to be around $150.00. To build the whole new information board out of fencing and steel wire it was going to cost about the same. The metal and cutting of the letters cost nothing because someone did it for them for free.


Standard Fencing
Furring strips for the studs
1-Box of Tapcon Screws
16 Gauge finisher nailer and nails
1/8″ steel wire
The clips came from JoAnn Fabrics in the shower curtain section.
1 1/4″ dow rod to raise the letters off the board.










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3 responses to “Connect Board”

  1. kevin says:

    awesome design love it

  2. A Different Kevin says:

    How much did the metal letters cost you? I’m also in the Nashville area, and would love to have some made.

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