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Cookie Cutters

AJ Parker from Lakewood Baptist Church in Gainesville, GA brings us these cookie cutter nativity figures in front of a starry night.

To create the nativity silhouettes they used 1/8″ plywood lit with Chauvet Color Rails.

They created the wall of stars behind the set using a large 1/8″ plywood wall with hundreds of holes drilled into it. They painted the wall black then blasted light behind it from four 500 watt par cans and 8 Chauvet Rain 64 LEDs. The wall was 10′ high by 24′ wide.

On the back side, they had to create a “ceiling” with black fabric to keep all of the light from spilling out over the top.

A Loaded Stage Storming the Castle

2 responses to “Cookie Cutters”

  1. James says:

    I was thinking of taking this idea and using foam board intead of 1/8″ ply wood. Just an awesome look!!

  2. Brian says:

    Really like it! thinking about doing something similar this year. AJ, how hot did the 500watt par cans get behind the wall of stars, was that an issue?

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