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Corrugated Words

Kim McLennan from Rolling Hills Covenant Church in Rolling Hills, CA brings us these hanging verbal pieces.

Design team: Kim McLennan, Brian Johnson (RHCC tech director), and Patty Shearing (communications coordinator)

Series title: Jesus in His Own Words
The study was focused on Luke 12- 16.

They wanted something flexible and backed up a whole 5 months of teaching and guest speakers. They also wanted a mix of textures and materials. Using projection and hard scape fit having a set theme verse and having the projection let them change the feel for worship and the message. Their tech department had a lot of fun changing it throughout the services and weeks.

On this stage design they used a combination of physical elements (hanging words) and projection. The inside rectangles were screens that were projected onto with a single projector. By utilizing the mask tool inside ProPresenter they were able to isolate the projection to the screen material and keep it off the other elements. The use of projection allowed them to change the image and incorporate additional graphic elements as desired.

Since they used front projection, they had to minimize ambient light from hitting the screens. They used several ellipsoidal lights that were focused and shuttered to only light up the words. The side walls/panels were lit with color changing LED lights.

The hanging words were a mix of wood, foam backing board, and corrugated metal. Them hung them using Kim’s favorite rope, Paracord. Each panel weighed no more than 10 pounds. The projection fabric was bought off Amazon for $75 for two. The hanging panels themselves cost just $325 for materials.

IMG_6947 IMG_6950 IMG_6959 IMG_8762 IMG_8764 RHCC-Stage-Design-6-2016-1 RHCC-Stage-Design-6-2016-4 RHCC-Stage-Design-6-2016-5

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One response to “Corrugated Words”

  1. Mark Pearson says:

    This is a real cool set design. How or what type of tool did you use to cut the letters out so perfectly? Dremel tool or something else?


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