Christmas Designs


Austin Nooe from DC Metro Church in Alexandria, Virginia brings us this homey Christmas design.

On stage they had a total of seventeen trees. Austin recommends finding a tree that’s pre-wrapped so you don’t have to spend the time wrapping them:

Eight 4 foot trees –
Six 7.5 foot trees –
Three 9 foot trees –

Under all the trees was a fake snow that he purchased from Home Depot. They had about four bags of it for this stage (they had three stages we did this to). They were about $4 a bag.

Second, he wrapped more than 100 empty boxes of various sizes he received from grocery stores for free of various sizes. He used five different metallic wrapping papers from Costco for about $40 all together.

Last, because this was their first week in this building with the LED wall, it had been miscommunicated that the LED wall would be just a foot off the ground which would have made that back graphic work better. Here is a link to the download for the looping video if you would like to use it (go ahead!).

Here’s a clip of the service:

IMAG0440 IMAG0441 IMAG0444 IMAG0448_1

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