Stage Designs

Cracked Open

Steven Hall from in Norman, OK brings us this awesome use of Mod Scenes.

From Steven: At Journey Church, we celebrate the end of the summer with a 2 weekend long celebration. We celebrate what God is doing and is going to do through the rest of the year. It is a pretty incredible time! We call these 2 weekends- MCKBD (My Church is Kind of a Big Deal!). We accompany our worship services with a fair and food trucks outside which is quite incredible! It creates a great sense of community and a very easy to invite atmosphere for new families.

In the auditorium we create a special look to help continue the excitement of the week. Many times we also accompany this with a special creative element.

For this year’s set we choose to use Mod Scenes Bender and Canvas panels. They are CNC cut coroplast panels that are easy to setup and light. They are super helpful, as we can spend a lot of time on lighting the set well.

Our hope for this set was to make a random stage backdrop with lots of dimension and lots of lighting surfaces. The previous set had lots of dark space and this was a nice departure to a more energetic feel. The flaps on the bender panels are cool because the helped us to create dimension. When we shot our lights across the panels the shadowing created depth and variation in color. As we laid out our backdrop, we tried to ensure panels were mirrored to each other with random canvas panels (flat blank panels) spread in between. Total, the backdrop used 120 bender panels and 28 canvas panels.

Our center screen is normally a stumbling block in our design. Most of the time it is too large or blocks lighting positions. That being said, we were able to create a nicely scaled screen with 18 canvas panels.

We used 20 Colorblast 12 TRXs on the floor to up light the Mod Scene Panels. We also positioned our Mac 101s so that they could graze across the set. This gave a really cool feel as we were able to tilt our 101s to create motion on the backdrop. That coupled with shadowing from the bender panels was incredible!

Another thing we tired to do with our design was to create mirroring in both directions. Our angled trusses made for a really cool framing for the backdrop and center screen.

Our volunteer team was able to build this set in 6 hours for the backdrop and a day and a half for the lighting.

Spots of Light Webbed Walls