Easter Designs

Crimson Cross

Roni Mathews from Carlsbad Community Church in Carlsbad, CA brings us this design for their reflective service.

From Roni: This design was for our reflective Easter services in our smaller chapel. The two services before Easter were for foot washing, communion and remembering Jesus was about to give His life for us. The dark before the dawn. The cross was made from red velvet bought at Joann’s for $40 with a coupon! It was amazing how different people expressed different reactions to it. It was the love pouring out towards us, the banquet tablecloth, a reminder of his royalty, the love that ran red, the shed blood. It was stunningly simple but looking at it against the pipe organ it was striking. We almost did black. So glad we did red. This is a great example of how uncomplicated church art can be. A ladder, duct tape and draped fabric. And it was a beautiful expression of God’s mercy and sacrifice at Easter.

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2 responses to “Crimson Cross”

  1. Pam says:

    I would like to know how many yards of cloth and how wide the. cloth was?

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