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Criss Cross Trees

Jessica Perez from Crossroads Church in Loveland, Colorado brings us these super cool modern Christmas trees.

These trees were 16′, 14′ & 12′ made from Coroplast, nails, and wood painted black. They’re light weight and inexpensive—under $200. Also including crumpled aluminum screening in the design.

More step by steps and pictures on her blog:






Two-Tone Christmas Blinder in an Arch

7 responses to “Criss Cross Trees”

  1. Wayne Miller says:

    I like the look of the Christmas trees! How did you use and light the crumpled aluminum screening? Nice look!

    • Dereck Gade says:

      We have done this before. What we did was take a 5′ wide roll of screen and cut it to the height we needed. Then literally rolled it and crumpled it up really well. After that all that’s left is to staple it to the wall!
      Amazing effect, always have people wanting to come up and touch the “rocks.”

  2. David Stark says:

    I am at Countryside Christian Church in Wichita, KS and would love to use this design for our Christmas season this year. I have studied all the pictures available but still have a few more questions.
    1. Did you use 2×2’s for the vertical boards? They appear to be shaped in a triangle rather than square.
    2. Did you cover where the Coroplast joins with outside corner or did you use something else to hide the raw edges?
    3. There appears to be a short piece of 2×4 used at the peak of the triangle. Is that true and how did you join the three legs of the triangle together at the top?
    Thank you for the help.

  3. Dereck Gade says:

    This is beautiful!!! I can’t wait to adapt this for our church this year!

  4. Jeremy Smith says:

    The step by step link seems to go to an inactive page. Did anyone save these instructions…and can you share them? Thanks!

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