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Crowned with LED

Connor Wood from Hazel Dell Christian Church in Carmel, Indiana brings us this great use of LED tape.

This design is an LED driven approach with a “crown” made of LED tape, panels made of wood and metal with LED tape in the interior and color strip LED bars that book end the set of fixtures. ADJ LED pars are used on the truss above to paint the stage, Mini LED Wash’s are used on each end of the stage and moving beams hung on the truss above and on single trusses on the stage floor.

How the panels were constructed can be found in this video:

The LED tape brand of choice was “Hit Lights” and purchased off of Amazon.

One Direction A great source of video clips for your church + exclusive offer.

One response to “Crowned with LED”

  1. Rachel says:

    Where did you get your HDPE? Or did you use a different material on the front?

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