Christmas Designs

Crumpled Drops

Anthony West from Crossroads Church in Concord, NC brings us this design from their Christmas Spectacular.

This production was a sort of variety show so they needed a flexible design.

They used a 10’x30′ screen projected onto using 3 Panasonic 5000 lumen projectors. They got a seamless look using the edge blending module in ProPresenter. To add some extra flare on the stage they stood up 4 47” LCD screens vertically and used Pro Video Player to drive the content for those screens. The advanced features in PVP allowed them to easily set up the content to show on the vertical screens.

They also used the crumpled window screen material to create an extra layer of lighting and texture on the stage. They created six towers with the screening and lit them with LED lights that they already owned. They also lined the bottom of the choir and band risers and lit that with LED lights as well. They spent about $75 in screen material.

Silver and Gold A Loaded Stage