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Throwback: Crumpled in a V

Mike Foudy from Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, TX brings us his take on the Screens Are Falling Down stage design. (Originally posted April 2012)

This is a satellite campus, and their message is rear-projected onto a center screen that motors down from the proscenium. So they can’t do anything in the center with much height.

The screens were the bright aluminum screen, 6 ft. wide and 22′ high for the taller ones, about 17′ high for the next highest, and about 10′ for the middle. They bought a 6′ x 100′ roll at Lowes for around $220. The pieces are stapled at top and bottom of each with 1” x 4” planks and hung with tie line through eye screws – then weighted at the bottom.

They were lit from a catwalk position with Elektralite PaintCans. The trusses (Applied Electronics Medium-grade truss) were lit from the bottom with German Light Products LED Base4 Truss Toners. The movers were Elektralite my575.4 spots, with Elektralite PaintCans as overhead/back lighting color washes.

I'm Surrounded by Pallets LED Lattice

4 responses to “Throwback: Crumpled in a V”

  1. What do you do to give it the ‘crumpled’ look??

    • Mike says:

      You lay it on the ground and just start randomly scrunching it up. I found that you barely have to scrunch it, ’cause if you crease it- it’s there. If you get it too scrunched, you can stretch it back out to some degree. Just be aware that you’ll lose some of the height because of the crumpling it. It really does look great when lit, and most people think it’s a portable rock climbing wall. It has a scrim effect as well and would probably do well lighting behind it even though we haven’t done that yet.

  2. Ccolors says:

    So these are huge aluminium rolls, this is the industrial name of the material used to do the do the scrunchy effect?

  3. Jacob Comer says:

    Did you use a frame or just hang it?

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