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Wil Brown from First Presbyterian Church in Orlando, Florida brings us these stacks of cubes.

The design was made up of thirty-nine 3x3x3′ cubes. They built the top and bottom of the cubes with 1×4’s supported by four 2″x2″ rods. Once the cubes were completed, they wrapped and staple-gunned white muslin fabric to each cube, leaving the inside hollow. Each bolt was 3′ wide, so there was no sewing required.

They up-lit each stack of cubes with their Elation Opti Tri-par LEDs.

Cirque du Tissu Shadows

8 responses to “Cubed”

  1. Robyn says:

    This looks totally awesome! Fabulous job!
    God bless!

  2. Delisa Goudeau says:

    This is stunning!!! Is there a way to make these colapse?

    • Wil Brown says:

      They don’t collapse, but they stack and unstack pretty easily. Forgive the delayed response!
      I just recently remembered that people might comment or ask questions…

  3. Diana Harper says:

    This looks great! About how much was the material cost?

    • Wil Brown says:

      We spent about 700$ on all the materials. Wood, muslin, staples for staple gun, and all the other hardware (nails and screws).

  4. ashley says:

    About the fabric:

    Did you wrap each side with the fabric or did you leave certain sides open so the light could shine though?

  5. ashley says:

    How much fabric did you purchase?

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