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Cup Trees

Ben Fair from Door of Hope Christian Church in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia brings us these styrofoam cup Christmas trees.

Inspired by the dotted half moon design from Willow Creek, they were after something similar for Christmas 2013. They built 4 stand-alone boards (900x1800mm) and painted them black (all with spare materials lying around the place). Next they marked out with a light pencil the shapes of the Christmas trees. Finally, they bought about 500 polystyrene cups from a local wholesaler ($25) and stuck them on using sticky gel dots (the kind that magazines stick their bonus features on the cover with) ($10).

Using their existing LED par cans, they could light them up in any color they wanted. It all cost only $35!

They can also remove the cups and reuse both the boards and the cups for other designs in the future.

Trees blank.JPG

Trees colour 1.JPG

Trees in action 2.JPG

Trees in action 4.JPG

Trees white 1.JPG

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