Special Event Design


Mark Mealy working with Southern Wesleyan University brings us their special event setup for an awards show.

Mark and his company did something simple to switch up their stage and transform the room for an awards show for the college. They used:

  • Four 10′ truss towers
  • Three pieces of Polystretch
  • Four PAR 64 500W MFL
  • Eight Aircraft lights
  • Four Martin MAC 250s
  • Two ETC Source Four 26 degree 525W
  • One ADJ DMX Splitter
  • Controlled using Light Jockey

They spent about $200 for the custom gobos that they’ll use each year.

Monolith Stable

One response to “Curtained”

  1. how did you project the logo on to the fabric? projector? we’re looking to do that very thing and haven’t been able to figure it out!

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