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Darkest Stage Known to Man

Tim Robbins at Relevant Church in Jarden, NH brings us this stage design that’s the complete absence of anything.

From Tim: Everyone’s always going bigger and better with their stage design. So me and the team thought, “What if we did the exact opposite?”

We read about this new material called Vantablack; it’s the darkest substance known to man. It essentially blocks 99% of all light. So we contacted the manufacturer and asked if we could use it on our stage.

The guy who owns the patent was gracious enough to fly in from the UK and do his process on our back walls. It’s incredible really. There’s absolutely zero light in our back wall, even with all the lights on in the room. Our pastor actually looks like he’s getting sucked into the background. It’s perfect for our series, “The Dark Night Arises.” It’s about the dark nights of the soul, and that’s exactly what this stage looks like.

A team member mentioned it reminded him of a few nightmares he had.

When we first unveiled the stage on a Sunday morning, there were lots of kids crying. It was pretty funny. One mom insists her son wandered on stage and she hasn’t seen him since. But I’m pretty sure she’s just a bad parent.

Check out the pic below and then the process pics below that. It’s hard to see too much what the process was because of the whole non-absorption of light thing.

Note: We are trying to figure out what to do when we want to revert back to our previous wall color. So far, every coat of paint we’ve applied has been absorbed into the wall. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. We’ve also noticed the wall responds to singing. Our hope is that by the time we need to do something about it, the wall becomes sentient enough to remove itself. We’ve actually been needing a new church administrator. Our last one had the darkest soul we’ve ever seen, so we think the wall will be well-suited for the task.

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6 responses to “Darkest Stage Known to Man”

  1. Robert Calhoun says:

    Take my money.

  2. tracy grubbs says:

    I love the stage AND your reporting of it. Great job.

  3. Ha! Nice one. Happy April Fools

  4. Evan S says:

    Best write up ever. I laughed out loud.

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