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Death Design

Jonathan Delmark from Sulligent First Assembly of God in Sulligent, AL brings us this macabre stage design.

Jonathan was starting a series called, “FEAR” in October with the youth ministry and wanted to incorporate many different images of fear. Most of the pieces in the set were fairly easy to get a hold of.

He made sure the chainsaw they had wasn’t working and would be safe to be around. He used a number of plastic chains that he spray painted with metallic paint from a hardware store. The chains were a nice texture piece to add around the stage and gave it that eerie, old barn feel.

One of their volunteer staff works at a funeral home and they were able to use an old (unused) coffin they had. The noose was just hung over their light fixtures (If you don’t know how to tie a noose, there’s plenty of YouTube videos to show you how).

Jonathan found a block of wood and an old mannequin head with an axe for the chopping block. A little red model paint went a long way in making it look right. The biggest part was the electric chair they built. It took about a day to build and was made out of a lot of scrap wood, kitchen utensils, cables, and belts. With the electric chair, it’s all about the embellishments, as many things as you can find or come with to sell the look, the better. They used an old metal kitchen strainer spray painted with metallic paint and spare cables glued to it to make the skull cap. They got a bunch of $1 belts and cut them down to use as body straps. They were also able to get a hold of some old telephone pole insulators to attach to the back of it as well.





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  1. Nice! Like the contrast. Never expected that!

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