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Death to Life

Brian from Canaan Baptist in St. Louis, MO brings us this stage design that transitioned over services.

For Good Friday service through their Easter services, they set out to design a stage that was multi-puposed, functional, and told the story from death to life.

They started with reclaimed wood from previous designs and created (7) 3′ x 3′ boxes which only cost them time. This reclaimed wood was also used behind their band using a zagged fence set up to provide a bit of continuity to their stage design. Also only costing time.

They added six ceiling to floor burlap banners (in the rustic feel-to complement the boxes). They chose a bright-shaded burlap, because they knew they wanted them to be able to “pop” the light from their up light LED PAR-64s, especially on Easter Sunday. This cost them $200 at a local Hobby Lobby, and had to be special ordered about 3 weeks out.

For their Good Friday service, they used trees cut from the back of their property a month ahead of time to allow them to dry and also allowing them to lightly hit them with some white spray paint (they wanted the true dead feeling for their Good Friday Service). This again, only cost them time.

For Easter Sunday, they did a quick exchange of the dead trees for live cherry and pear trees (which worked perfectly because they were budding and showing the new life). These cost $40 each at a local discount nursery. That total cost was $280, which they recouped as they sold them to church members after Easter.

Good Friday

They used rich purple colors, accented by the pure LED white up light to create a feeling of death.

Easter Sunday

They had a dramatic change using vibrant “spring colors” to up light the banners and living trees.










Castly Rock Downward Facing Stripes

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