Special Event Design

Death to Selfie

Justin Goff from Revolution Church in White House, TN brings us this stage design based on an Elevation Church sermon series.

Material Cost: $25
Hours spent: 6 with 2-4 people working. (obviously less time with more help)
Material: 28 pieces of Neon Pink 22″ x 28″ poster board (purchased from Hobby Lobby)

They used two poster boards for each letter, making each letter 44 in tall and however wide the actual letter would be after being cut. To start, they laid out two pieces of poster board one right above another. They overlapped the top piece over the bottom piece about a 1/4 of an inch to help not show a gap when placed against the wall (even if they look square from the factory, they had to overlap as each side wasn’t completely straight causing gaps).

After overlapping, they used tape to hold the two pieces together so they wouldn’t move during the cutting process.

After that, they just measured from the outside how big they wanted the letter to be, marked their lines with a yardstick and pencil and used a combination of scissors and box cutter to shape them. If you have the extra paper, and use a word or phrase with multiples of the same letter, it might be helpful to make a template. They made one for the letter “E” since it was used 3 times. They wanted to make sure each E was the same. The hardest letter to trace and cut was S. They used circles to help with tracing some of the geometry.









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