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Diamond Drops and Pallet Stacks

Joe White from Evangel Heights Assemblies of God in Sarver, PA brings us these stacks of pallets.

They created this design for a youth lock-in and decided to use it for their main services too.

The only cost for this stage design was hardware. They got the pallets donated to and the white squares Joe had bought for a previous stage design. Each pallet pillar was made up of 6 pallets that were screwed together in sets of three. He then bought hinges and screwed the sets of 3 pallets together. The squares were zipped tied together and were hung with fishing line.

All together, this stage cost a total of $25.





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One response to “Diamond Drops and Pallet Stacks”

  1. Yele Hdez says:

    Loved it!! I just have a quick question: are the white squares made of paper? And what’s the size of the square?
    Thanks! God Bless!! :)

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