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Diamonds and Stars

The AGK Media Team from Assembly of God Church Kolkata in West Bengal, India brings us this cool LED design.

This design was made with the theme “Out of the Box” in mind.

Materials used:

  1. LED tape with plastic tubing (four different colors)
  2. Wood (to make frames)
  3. Galvanized wire of different diameters
  4. Cable ties (lots of them)


They already had sheets of plywood that were roughly 3cm thick with designs on them already so they just cut them and made them into a square. Then they drilled holes in them so that the cable ties could hold the LED tape in place. These LED tapes had a thick plastic moulding on them so they could be used over and over again. They’re pretty hearty and don’t have adhesive on them.

In the case of the rectangles, they put three different colored strips (purple, green, blue) together. It took them three days to complete, because after fitting the lights onto one square they found that it was faulty and they had to open it and fit it again – otherwise it would have been a two day job. They used a thick gauge galvanized wire to hang the squares onto a wire and the same in the case of the rectangles.

For the curtain, they had to poke holes in it and manually wire each and every LED in place, keeping in mind that none of the positives and negatives were touching each other. So they poked about 500 LEDs in the curtain and then programmed them to an Arduino chip.

Budget (in INR):

  1. LED tape (Rs. 40 indian ruppees) per meter
  2. Cable ties (Rs. 12 per packet – one packet contains 100 cable ties)
  3. Galvanized wire smaller gauge (Rs. 600)
  4. Larger gauge (Rs. 1200)

Total cost of about 7000 to 10000 – that is about 200 dollars.

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