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Digital Field

Jacqui Crumrine from Covenant Grove Church in Modesto, CA brings us this pixelated stage design.

This art installation was based on a series of the Parables, recognizing that the Parables leave some gaps and questions and that the story needs to be interpreted and completed by us. Jacqui chose a design that didn’t give the full picture. She used the image for the sermon and then broke it up into color schemes. She then purchased paper (origami paper, scrapbook paper, tag board and card stock) to achieve the various sizes of squares. Mounting them to their wood wall was a challenge, since she didn’t want to damage the wood and didn’t want to pull out thousands of staples. But alas…staples were the best option. She started by placing in the largest squares, and worked down to the smallest squares last. Overall, with purchasing supplies, cutting paper, and installation, it took about 11 hours.

live-stage partial-stage squares wide-stage

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2 responses to “Digital Field”

  1. Oh my, I love this…especially how it uses the 3D depth of the stage area, where it is backset from the side walls!


    – Rob

  2. S Howell says:

    It reminds me of good old fashioned stained glass. Cool!

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