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Disco Boxes

Nathan Sutliff from The Crossing Church in Westminster, CO brings us these light boxes straight out of a disco floor.

They did a series called Illuminate and wanted to build some light boxes for their back wall. They built eight 3’x3′ boxes knowing they would only use 7 (given the wall dimensions and number of 3’x3′ squares they could get from 4×8 sheets of OSB). They had leftover commercial C9 light stringers from previous projects as well as S11 intermediate base bulbs. They needed a few more so they ordered them from (C9 and S11)

They drilled twenty-five 1-inch holes in each 3×3 square, made a frame to raise the fabric (which they had leftover from another project) above the lights. They were plugged into two NSI 4-channel dimmers giving them the option to control each one individually, create chases, and use them as blinders.

The total cost for materials was under $200 thanks to the left over materials they recycled for this project.

Note: Be very aware of heat against fabric if you build something like this. They used 10-watt bulbs…so the heat produced wasn’t too much. But use flame resistant materials whenever possible to avoid a tragedy.

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2 responses to “Disco Boxes”

  1. David Hopewell says:

    Thanks for all the details and the video clip. I’m minded to see whether I could make something similar, but avoid all the wiring time by purchasing some Christmas light garlands and folding them to create the shapes.

  2. Gary says:

    what kind of wash lights are you using and how many. thx

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