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Ben Cole from Bellevue Student Ministry in Memphis, Tennessee brings us this plentifully pixelized stage design.

They created this stage for their Disciple Now weekend. To create the squares they cut corrugated plastic (Coroplast) into 2’x2′ squares. They were hung using waxed black tie line. To light the squares they used Chauvet COLORado Batten 72s. They also lines the back of the truss’ with Coroplast.

PVC a'Plenty Piles of Metal

11 responses to “Dithered”

  1. Jill V says:

    Great effect on the truss! The addition of the coroplast makes the lighting effect so different. Good job!

  2. Will Childress says:

    I think lighting designer did a great job on this for time that he had to do it in.

    Looks Great!

  3. Ben Cole says:

    Hey thanks Jill! We got most of our ideas from this website. We got the truss idea from:
    This setup is really a great representation of our staff. I got the flu the week of and left all the work to our staff and they did a phenomenal job picking up the slack! Will Childress helped design the set, set it up and lit it- made it amazing!

  4. Chris Hester says:

    I had a chance to work with Ben a couple of years ago and he is one of the best on the business.

  5. Cam says:

    WOW! what a good lookin band!

  6. Ryan Spencer says:

    Were all the blocks always the same color roughly or did you use any chases? Aweing impression.

  7. zach says:

    Were the squares lit from the ground up with the Chauvet COLORado Batten 72s ? Or both top and bottom?

  8. Mandy Easton says:

    What color coloplast was used..

  9. Dorine says:

    I really like it when folks get together and share opinions.
    Great website, stick with it!

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