Special Event Design

Do Thumbthing

Check out this easily identifiable stage design from Shane Hollar and Jeff Meade at Shawnee United Methodist in Lima, Ohio.

They made a 4′ x 6′ thumbprint scanner hung with 1/16″ aircraft cable. The frame was made with 1″ x 6″s. They used a router to make a slot to slide the acrylic ceiling paneling (three 2′ x 4′ pieces packing taped together on the backside) into and secured it into the frame with a clear drying glue.

To light the scanner they put an LED light bar in the back and put it on a chase setting to simulate the scanning effect. They also put a second LED light bar to cast a green glow on the overall scanner. They finished the scanner with the sermon series logo by projecting it onto the acrylic and drawing the image with dry erase marker (so they could repurpose the framed acrylic again).

To add a bit of movement to the stage design they borrowed two 42″ LG Plasma TVs from Hefner’s TV and ran a video loop they purchased online. The boxes and fabric were repurposed from a previous set.

The Weave Love Glowing Faces