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Dot Banners

Lisa Bodkin from New Hope Church in New Hope, MN brings us this this set for the EFCA ONE Conference.

For this design they used Ikea white panels. Lisa put pole pockets in the top and bottom and placed PVC pipping in them for weight. Then she threaded black cord through the top pipe to hang.

The discussion panel area was nearly all from Ikea.

The panels cost $12.99 each. 118″ length, 24″ wide.

Wall dividers came from – $138 for a four panel divider.

Lighting was provided by ALS (Audio Logic Systems)




Coro Wall Squares and Screens

6 responses to “Dot Banners”

  1. Kevin says:

    I really wish IKEA shipped more things online. So many inexpensive solutions from IKEA, but there isn’t one in close by. H&M is the same way. Swedish companies must have something against shipping.

  2. Marco Salinas says:

    This looks great! Question. What type of lights are you using to light the banners?

    • Lisa Bodkin says:

      Hi Marco,
      ALS was our audio/visual guys they used 48 Colorblast TRX just to light the circle panels, these are high end LEDS, when we use LED stripes for our youth ministry stage we use the cheaper Chauvet Color Strip LED DM Linear Color Wash from Musicans’ friend. Hope that helps!


  3. priscilla zenor says:

    Lisa, Do you still have the panels and are they something that could be borrowed? I’m working on efc. conference in iowa in Dec.

  4. Cem Kolukisa says:

    Really like the concept and the result. High visual impact with low-cost application. Brilliant!

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