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Nathan Eaton from Clearwater Baptist Church in Athens, TN brings us this glowing dot wall.

This design was used in their student ministry building for their summer local mission camp. The design was based on the logo used for the theme “bcUriam” (Because YOU Are I Am) which utilized the 3 symbols: flames, anchor, heart.

They used 4 sheets of plywood with the printed grid purchased from Lowes. They drilled holes in all the “X’s” and painted each sheet black. They connected then with 2×2’s painted black. They purchased about 1000 ping pong balls for about $10 per gross from eBay. They drilled a hole in each of the ping pong balls. Then they purchased strings of blue and green Christmas lights. They poked the Christmas lights through the holes and connected the ping pong balls on the front side, which then allowed the color of the Christmas light to fill the ping pong balls. Finally, they used green rope light to form the outline of the symbols.








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