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Dots and Waves

Humberto Renovato from Fuente De Aguas Vivas Family Worship Center in Uvalde, TX brings us this multi-textural design.

They wanted some audience blinders so they did it theirselves. They built (2) 4’x12′ towers. They cut 8″ holes with a jig saw and created this look. They decided to put one of the 4’x4′ square of holes on top and one on the bottom. They purchased (8) 11″ clamp work lights at a local Wal-Mart and cut out the holes for those. They used a simple 1/4″ plywood as the face and reused 3/4″ plywood as the two side walls from a previous project.

The 8 audience blinders were connected to a DMX Dimmer Pack where they could control the lights. They put one chauvet washer light bar on top and another on the bottom of each tower. They cut out the word “AMPLIFY” from the same matierial and used a wax paper from their local Wal Mart to cover the back of the letters as well as the holes on the two towers. They lit the word Amplify with 4 par 64’s.

Lastly they made volume bars using 2″ pvc pipe that they got from a local plumber. They simply cut those into pieces of different sizes. They did try to make it proportional and this is what they got. They built a plate on top of the word “amplify” and simply set a couple of par lights on it as a table.

The whole project itself took them about 3 days only working nights. Total cost came out to approximately $300-$400 for the whole project.









Vert Gutters Buried

2 responses to “Dots and Waves”

  1. Raphael Oluwatosin says:

    Nice concept, would like to subscribe for updates on new designs and mode of construction.

  2. Love the simplicity! Would like to know more about the rectangular blocks on the sides.. How was that accomplished? Going to try to mimic some of this.

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