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Sarah Urbina from Four Oaks Community Church in Tallahassee, FL brings us this stage design surrounded by drippy candles.

The centerpiece of the whole design was a single red candle, melted down to look like Christ’s blood. It added a very sobering, and eerie feel to their Good Friday service.

They simply used a blow torch to first melt down sticks of white wax, then torched 5 white candles to make them look aged, then melted the red wax sticks last so it would clearly be seen. Then they also aged the red candle. Black fabric was used underneath so that the wax could run down it. Beside the centerpiece, 250 white candles were lit on and around the stage. They had most of the candles left over from other church events, so the cost was relatively low (around $150 for candles and fabric).

For added effect, they recorded the red candle display in slow motion and used it as their worship background.







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One response to “Drippy”

  1. Deb Carr says:

    Love this effect for Good Friday! I’d love to see what you did as a follow up for Easter services.

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