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Drop the Lighting Grid

Chris Ruskin, Andy Brooks, and Katie Robbins from Mount Ararat Baptist Church in Garrisonville, Virginia brings us this cool lighting setup.

From the team: Three truss structures serve as the primary points on the stage with the structure in the front bearing six mover lights (three on each pillar) and four static panel lights on the top bridge. We have two separated truss pillars in the back which act as clamp points (alongside vertical pipes threaded into base plates) for pipes we have running horizontally across our back wall which we mount multiple static lights too. All of the trusses have Epix strips on their front faces as well.

We also have a lighting bar above the stage where we’ve mounted multiple moving lights alongside a few ellipsoidal lights as well. Plus there’s a lighting bar in front of the stage for our front wash as well as having washing lights in the front floor of the stage to provide up light. We also have a curtain of 18 light LED strips running from the floor to the ceiling around the back of the stage.

For Christmas services this year we added a walkway and center stage into the main space where we also added an electronic spinning stage on the end platform. For these services, we also added on more lighting bar adding a mix of pars, lekos, and movers to provide light for the stage.

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2 responses to “Drop the Lighting Grid”

  1. Jeff Banbor says:

    Tell me some more information about this spinning stage you got..

    • Chris Ruskin says:

      Hello Jeff,

      It’s a 5ft smart stage turntable that we had mounted on top of a platform extended out from our primary stage. It controls through both a remote and direct control on the stage. We are actually looking to sell the stage, if you’re interested you can contact Andy Brooks at!

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