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Easter Windows 98

Check out this cool Easter Sunday stage design using DIY cross frames. The three crosses were made from simple 2×4’s with translucent plastic on the backs. (Cross dimensions are 5’x8′ (x2) and 5’x12′.) They used 2 intelligent light fixtures on the ground behind the frames to provide back lighting. With this technique you could use some cool rotating gobos and change the colors whenever you like. (I of course would go with LED par cans because I’m obsessed with said technology.)

The coolest thing about this design is that all of the materials for this design cost less than $200!

Now go make your own magical Easter set piece!

Thanks to AJ Parker for posting this gem on his blog.

Lightning Bolt A Bannerific Easter

5 responses to “Easter Windows 98”

  1. Luis says:

    wow..cool..just what im searching for easter presentations..thanks…:-bd

  2. Helen says:

    Hey, can you share the link to find the translucent plastic. We are trying and cannot find it anywhere!
    Hope to hear from you, thanks a bunch! The idea is great and economic!

  3. Jeremy says:

    Loved this design right when I saw it. I borrowed the idea for our 2011 Easter service. I submitted a photo taken a few weeks after Easter, but you'll get the idea. Thank you, AJ, your idea was inspirational.

  4. […] Latisha Willis from Infinity Church in Laurel, MD brings us this softer design inspired by Easter Windows 98.They built three crosses, two 3′x5′ and one 3′x7′. To make the wood fames […]

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